The bus trip from Isfahan to Shiraz passed without any remarkable events.

Our new host, Arash, picked us with a friend directly up from the bus station. He was German student, and often we spoke German together. His German was pretty good, though we had to switch sometimes to English. He lived at a big flat with one friend, we barely saw. But the time his mother was there as well. A little bit unfortunate, she announced herself after he confirmed that we could stay at his place. His mother didn't like it too much that we were there as well. Though we assured that it would be no problem for us to find another host or stay at a hostel he insisted that we should stay with him.
That meant for Arash that he had to stretch sometimes between us and her, but I think he did really well.

It is hard to tell this chronically because it's quite a while ago. Also we lost the SD-Card with all the pictures of that time, so there is not much to see.
Anyways, we went for some sightseeing and Arash helped us with Visa-extensions (we used 9 days total in the end).
Also I had to look for a defense lawyer for the thing in Hungary - I received the letter for the hearing back in Turkey, but didn't have had the time before (remember: First I was Cycling with Danny, then meeting Rike to take the train from Turkey to Iran, there was not much time to organize a lot. And I procrastinated a little as well.).
In the end I decided to not take one anyways - and as I know nowadays (on the 10.04.2012, so more than four months after the deed, I got the news that there is no punishment for a stroll over a car in Hungary. Couldn't they have figured that earlier?) a good decision. A defense lawyer would have cost me ~250?.
Though Isfahan is in the dessert, we got the few days a year where it is raining.

After 3 days in Shiraz we took the bus to Zahedan.
This was one of the rare times, where we booked a ticket one day in advance (normally we just go to the bus station and hope that there is a bus soonish). A friend of our host drove us to the station, but due to a mix of bad traffic and us forgetting about time (or something), we missed our bus by that much: | |.
We felt bad, the ticket were expensive and we would have to wait hours for the next bus.
But the friend, who brought us there, somehow organized that we could go with another bus for free. But there was one guy making weird remarks about us being rich and in the bus there were no persons at all. That this friend told us, that these buses normally carry a lot of extra-petrol instead of luggage to make extra-money and often get attacked by terrorists didn't make us feel better. And Everybody - including our host, his friends and people in the bus warned us highly about the border to come (Iran-Pakistan Border).
We wrote a little letter to our host, saying that he should contact our parents when we don't contact him within one week.
A little bit scary, a little bit worrying we entered the bus. One hand always on the knife, the pepper-spray in reachable distance.

The rain continued throughout the whole bus ride.

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