From Kohalpur we took the bus to Thakudwara. There we met one of the most unusual CouchSurfers ever. The unusual thing is, that he offers rooms of his lodge for free (he says because he has no other home). We actually never met that guy, only his brother. We were quite skeptical, because this could be a trade-off - you don't pay for the room but if you eat in the restaurant and pay for a guided tour (which was significantly more expensive than mentioned in the Lonely Planet). But when we left that feeling was gone, and I'm just a little sad that we were so suspicious, it took a big part of the fun.
The first day we arrived quite late, so we only took a look at the museum and the crocodile breeding center.
We didn't stay long and only made one walking-safari through the park. But that one was the whole day and we saw most animals except the tiger (which would have been really, really, really good luck).
I think there is not too much more to tell. Just have a look through the pictures (Click to enlarge)!

Wikipedia: Om

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