With 18 years I started a big journey. This website is a blog or documentatin about this 10 month trip through Eurasia. 20 countries, 50,000 km, from Germany to Laos, no-flight.
It is here to answer some question. Maybe it is just "Where has this guy been?", but maybe it is also "How much money do you need for such a trip?" or "How do I manage all the visa?".
For the second kind of question I'll add some sites later, but I guess a lot of information is in the text already.
I hope you'll find what you came for and you have fun while reading. If either not; Do not hesistate to write a comment (below every report) or a mail::
Adresse nur als Bild, als Spanschutz.

This website was completetly programmed by me, so feedback about the website is highly appreciated. If you'd like to use this or a similar website for your journey => You've got my mail adress!

Here are some helpful websites:

  • Couchsurfing - Find interessting ppl all around the world to stay on their couch for free.
  • Join My Trip - Find s.o. to travel with.
  • Globetrooper - Like JoinMyTrip
  • Hostelworld - Cheap hostels all around the world.
  • Seat 61 - All 'bout trains, rails, ' stuff worldwide. Really cool.
  • VisaHQ - Information about Visa